Monthly Archives: August 2012

Change Is In The Air


Well, our life is full of changes. For the last year I have been taking care of 3 kids, but my time with them has come to an end. I am sad to not see them every day. But, I am looking forward to reclaiming my art room as a space for me, rather than a shared space for them.

Another change is that after a fabulous year of pretty much being on my own schedule with those kids, I now have to go find a “real job” again. Again, sad.  But, on the up side, I am looking forward to getting back to a job that will let me be around adults again!

I am trying to quit caffeine. I have been a Diet Dr. Pepper drinker for years. It has been primarily the only thing I would drink on any given day. And while caffeine free DDP does exist, it is hit or miss whether I will find it in a store.  So, I have gone to water and decaf tea.  I think I was a witch the first 2 weeks of this process! The mood has finally stabilized!

Hubs has started college. After 20 years in the Air Force, B is returning to school to complete his bachelor’s degree. This is, by far, the biggest change. Schedules are wonky. We are waking up early. Eating at crazy times. Hopefully, we will get used to this new schedule!

But, amid all of this change, I am embracing the “Keep Calm and Craft On” mentality. I don’t think the cell phone camera does this color justice.  I altered the look of the original “Keep Calm” to fit the materials I had on hand, and the decor scheme in my room. The sign, added to the craft room wall will help me to remember to relax, amid the chaos, and to do what I love best!


Craft on, Friends!