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Want It Wednesday Step Stool!


I am short. I suppose, not painfully so. On a really good day, with shoes, I am 5’5″. Most days, in my flip-flops, I am a bit closer to 5’4″. I have one step stool in my house, and it gets carried to every room. The obvious answer is to get more stools. Or grow. But, seeing as I was 5’4″ in the 5th grade, I don’t see the growing happening any more. So, as I stand, I can not reach the top shelves anywhere in my house. Enter my dream step stool, available here.

I want this stool in my kitchen!

You remember these? From the library? You could kick it to wherever you need it? But then when you stand on it, it locks down. No movement. I want this stool!  I is going to be on my Christmas list. Feel free to buy it for me! 🙂

Keep Dreaming Friends!



Don’t Be That Guy


When we were headed to my parents’ house on Friday, we ran into a bit of a traffic back up. There was an accident ahead, and the right 2 (of 3) lanes were blocked. As I began to merge over, as the sign instructed me to, people were barreling past in the lanes that were blocked ahead. It made me think of this. 


Please don’t be that guy. We are all trying to get somewhere. We all want to get home, or out of town, or to the office, or wherever it is we are headed. Doing that might get him to his destination faster than I will get to mine. But, getting there faster does not make him less of an ass.

My Butt


There is the now famous story (at least among family and friends) about the time that Mr. Brady Life told me that he liked my butt, because it was like a brick wall. For those of you that have never heard the story, I was complimenting his round butt, and he told me that mine was brick wall like. Yeah… Mr. Brady Life is smooth with the words.

Over Christmas, he was trying to be smooth again, and told me that my butts were beautiful.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, that was plural. My butts. However many of them I have, I guess I should feel lucky that he thinks they are beautiful.  I was not aware that I had more than one butt. Perhaps it is time to get back on the Wii Fit, and back to walking the neighborhood in the mornings!!!

Top Ten Things I Learned This Time Purchasing A Car


10. I LOVED our sales rep at Carmax.

9. Driving 20 miles to look at a car can result in some fun entertainment.

8. Test driving a car is way easier if they take all of the dealership stickers off of the windows so that us short people can see where we are driving.

7. Seriously. Look at every possible things that could be wrong on a used car. Really. Then look again. Little things.

6. Bring spare shoes! Because when you are jumping ditches to look at a car in a lot that has closed for the evening, you might miss, and get a shoe full of mud. But there is no sense in going home when you are 20 miles away… just because of a little mud!

5. Bring a book. I really forgot just how long the car buying process takes. Even when we were already financed through someone else, and didn’t need the dealer to do it for us.

4. Have cooler, will travel. Bring drinks. $1.50 for a soda gets to be expensive. And it is even worse when you don’t carry cash!

3. Eat before you go. We were cranky when we finally got out.

2. Have a full list of all things that need to be repaired when you go in for warranty work.  But be realistic. It is a used car, and you will not achieve perfection.

1. Buy closer to home. After the service department tore off our mirror at the car wash, Hubs is going to have to drive around with a  mirror Zip Tied to the door. Then we will have to drive back to Carmax to get the new mirror put back on. Total miles on our 2 vehicles after the  repairs? Here is the math.

It is a 20.6 mile trip. For the sake of easy math, we are just going to go with 20.

Van to Carmax- 20 miles

Hummer to Carmax- 20 miles

Van home (so I can go to work)- 20 miles

Van to Carmax (to pick up Hummer)- 20 miles

Van home – 20 miles

Hummer home – 20 miles.

120 miles between two vehicles today.  And we are going to have to do it all again when the new mirror comes in.!

240 miles.  Great. I am going to need an oil change before this venture is over!

In the Interest of Almost Full Disclosure…


Hey Everyone,

In the interest of almost full disclosure, I have decided to share with you a bit of exactly how my life goes.

So, after I proofread my last post (about spelling and grammar) 3 times, I pushed publish and jumped in the car, to run a few errands before going to work. I had been away from the computer about 5 minutes when my sister calls me to ask me a question.

What follows is as close as I can get to the original conversation, from my memory.

Me: Hello?

C: Hey… blah blah blah… Did you mean to say RUN my bell?

Me: Um… Ring, Rang, Rung… Yeah, rung my bell.

C: NO! RUN my bell. R-U-N.  Not rung. Run.

(I am sure at this point, if you were sitting in the car with me, you might have seen big red flashing lights all around me!)

Me: OMG!!! Change it!!! CHANGE IT!!! Log in and CHANGE IT!

C: OK. Let me finish reading, then I will lo-

Me: NO! Now! What if someone else sees it and calls me on it! I would be so embarrassed!!!!!

C: OK. OK. Logging in.

So, what did I learn from this experience? I know that I should stop freaking about other peoples’ spelling errors. Though, truthfully, I have always known that. I think it is a compulsion with me. I also learned that I have the best little sister in the world. Lesser sisters would have left me hanging out to dry. I also learned that I might be better off to wait a few hours and read a post one last time before I hit publish, to lessen my chances of this happening again. I also learned that even though I have a protesting G key,  which often leaves me typing words like “typin” or “eatin” or “sleepin,” that is no excuse for my own spelling errors.

Now, all that being said, here is my new thought. We are all entitled to a spelling error now and then. But that craigs list post was wrong in so many ways. It had no less than 4 misspelled words, one missed apostrophe, one double word and one text friendly abbreviation, that I really feel has no business in an ad posted on the internet. But, aside from the spelling mistakes, there were NO capital letters or punctuation marks of any kind.

So, I did take one little step down from my soap box.

Grammar Police Moment


OK. I fully understand that, regionally, people pronounce things differently. That, of course, does not change my feeling that these other people are saying things wrong. But I think that is mostly my own need to be right. Which is, really, a whole other subject.

What I do not understand is how, regardless of how you pronounce a word, a person reaches adulthood without learning how to spell relatively common words. Or, how they learn to use a computer, and post ads or other things on the internet without learning how to use the spell check button.

The word that has rung my bell this time is EQUITMENT. Now, I do recognize that this could have been  just a simple typo. Maybe.  But I doubt it. Mostly, because the T and the P are reached with two different hands when typing. Never mind that in the Charleston SC Craigslist I have found 3 ads from, presumably, 3 different people (since they are listed as 3 different towns / neighborhoods) that have the word EQUITMENT in the title.

So, to make sure that I was not being 100% irrational, I searched the internet for the word EQUITMENT.

I searched with Google and Yahoo, who both asked if I, of course, meant EQUIPMENT. But showed me a couple of results to EQUITMENT. Both included a link to Urban Dictionary, which defines EQUITMENT as:

“Generally referring to computers,monitors,fax machines and other office items that are always breaking  down and are unreliable.”I also searched Lycos which just seemed to assume that I wanted to search EQUIPMENT.

So… since I was obviously intrigued (or irritated) by this headline, I clicked on the post, and here is the listing. The only changes I have made are to emphasize the words that jumped out at me.


yard equitment (summerville )

Date: 2010-09-09, 11:43PM EDT
wanted backback blower perferably a sthill or echo and commercial grade but manly just a good bloweing blower and hedge trimmer dont care what it is but let me know what u got and a price


With the exception of sthill, which is the misspelling of a brand name (Sthil- chainsaws, trimmers, etc.) the rest of these words should have, at least, been caught by the spell checker, if not a middle school education. I know that I am more picky about this than most people. I am also a little scared that there are more people who do not know how to spell every day!