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Hubs Left Today


So, officially, there are 365 work days + 21 days of vacation. 381 days. Give or take a few on either end. 381ish days until this job is over. 381 days until I know that Mr. Brady Life is home. And safe.

Thankfully, I have the best Mom in the world. Even though she has a ton of stuff that she needs to get done, she stopped it all to drive 3 hours and come hang out with me. She didn’t want me to have to spend my first night alone, alone. Of course, I feel certain that I will not sleep tonight, without some sort of sleep aid… but that is OK.

Monday, I go back to work. Of course, at that point, I still have to decide about what to do there. But, that is another story, for another day.

If you pray, please pray that B makes it safely to his job site, and that he will be safe while he is there.



First Truly Rough Day Alone


On Wednesday, I was having a piece of chocolate on the playground at work with a fellow teacher, and felt the most excruciating pain. I broke a tooth, and a corner off of another tooth. Crap!

Of course, I didn’t know what I had done, only that it was hurting. So, yesterday, I went to the dentist, and found out about the damage, both to my teeth, and our wallet. As far as my teeth go, I had to have one tooth removed and the other prepared for a root canal. I was have the root canal and a bridge put in once I am healed.

But telling B how much all of this is going to cost was scary! It’s not like he would tell me no, but we are so tight on money all the time, that thousands of dollars to fix a tooth is just crazy… and that is after the insurance already paid for part of it!

Maybe I am in the wrong field!