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Grammar Police Moment


OK. I fully understand that, regionally, people pronounce things differently. That, of course, does not change my feeling that these other people are saying things wrong. But I think that is mostly my own need to be right. Which is, really, a whole other subject.

What I do not understand is how, regardless of how you pronounce a word, a person reaches adulthood without learning how to spell relatively common words. Or, how they learn to use a computer, and post ads or other things on the internet without learning how to use the spell check button.

The word that has rung my bell this time is EQUITMENT. Now, I do recognize that this could have been  just a simple typo. Maybe.  But I doubt it. Mostly, because the T and the P are reached with two different hands when typing. Never mind that in the Charleston SC Craigslist I have found 3 ads from, presumably, 3 different people (since they are listed as 3 different towns / neighborhoods) that have the word EQUITMENT in the title.

So, to make sure that I was not being 100% irrational, I searched the internet for the word EQUITMENT.

I searched with Google and Yahoo, who both asked if I, of course, meant EQUIPMENT. But showed me a couple of results to EQUITMENT. Both included a link to Urban Dictionary, which defines EQUITMENT as:

“Generally referring to computers,monitors,fax machines and other office items that are always breaking  down and are unreliable.”I also searched Lycos which just seemed to assume that I wanted to search EQUIPMENT.

So… since I was obviously intrigued (or irritated) by this headline, I clicked on the post, and here is the listing. The only changes I have made are to emphasize the words that jumped out at me.


yard equitment (summerville )

Date: 2010-09-09, 11:43PM EDT
wanted backback blower perferably a sthill or echo and commercial grade but manly just a good bloweing blower and hedge trimmer dont care what it is but let me know what u got and a price


With the exception of sthill, which is the misspelling of a brand name (Sthil- chainsaws, trimmers, etc.) the rest of these words should have, at least, been caught by the spell checker, if not a middle school education. I know that I am more picky about this than most people. I am also a little scared that there are more people who do not know how to spell every day!