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In the Interest of Almost Full Disclosure…


Hey Everyone,

In the interest of almost full disclosure, I have decided to share with you a bit of exactly how my life goes.

So, after I proofread my last post (about spelling and grammar) 3 times, I pushed publish and jumped in the car, to run a few errands before going to work. I had been away from the computer about 5 minutes when my sister calls me to ask me a question.

What follows is as close as I can get to the original conversation, from my memory.

Me: Hello?

C: Hey… blah blah blah… Did you mean to say RUN my bell?

Me: Um… Ring, Rang, Rung… Yeah, rung my bell.

C: NO! RUN my bell. R-U-N.  Not rung. Run.

(I am sure at this point, if you were sitting in the car with me, you might have seen big red flashing lights all around me!)

Me: OMG!!! Change it!!! CHANGE IT!!! Log in and CHANGE IT!

C: OK. Let me finish reading, then I will lo-

Me: NO! Now! What if someone else sees it and calls me on it! I would be so embarrassed!!!!!

C: OK. OK. Logging in.

So, what did I learn from this experience? I know that I should stop freaking about other peoples’ spelling errors. Though, truthfully, I have always known that. I think it is a compulsion with me. I also learned that I have the best little sister in the world. Lesser sisters would have left me hanging out to dry. I also learned that I might be better off to wait a few hours and read a post one last time before I hit publish, to lessen my chances of this happening again. I also learned that even though I have a protesting G key,  which often leaves me typing words like “typin” or “eatin” or “sleepin,” that is no excuse for my own spelling errors.

Now, all that being said, here is my new thought. We are all entitled to a spelling error now and then. But that craigs list post was wrong in so many ways. It had no less than 4 misspelled words, one missed apostrophe, one double word and one text friendly abbreviation, that I really feel has no business in an ad posted on the internet. But, aside from the spelling mistakes, there were NO capital letters or punctuation marks of any kind.

So, I did take one little step down from my soap box.


Doing it All Over Again


As an absolute newbie at WordPress, and pretty much at blogging in general, I am not sure that I am the best person for this job. But, I am walking my sister through the basic steps of setting up her blog, and working on mine at the same time. When hers is done, and she is ready to share, I will post her link to go along with mine. 🙂

More to come later today.