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Quick Craft


So, the desk has been put on hold. I need it to cool off a little bit outside before I can finish it. I can’t use the stripper in the garage, because there is not enough ventilation.  It is just too damn hot out there!

So, I turned to working on a corner of the art room.  There is a little alcove that is made by 2 of the shelves. I used to use it to store random stuff. It used to be hidden like this:


Wasn't that fabric super cute???

Well, I could not bring myself to cut that fabric for fear of messing it up with amateur sewing. So, it stayed a curtain, until my little sis suggested that I let my big sis use it in her daughter’s room. I must admit, my immediate reaction was complete horror. Give up my prized fabric? Let someone CUT my prized fabric???? Then I remembered, I am just about the coolest aunt in the world!!!!!   🙂 So, I had to give it up.

So, the stuff behind the curtain just became an eye sore.

I have recently had to add some stuff to the art room that ordinarily would not be there. So, that corner because more strategic storage, than leftover homeless things.  It looks like this now.

There is a lot of stuff squeezed into that corner!

Hubs and I went to the fabric store to try to find something cheap and cute. No joy. We failed on that mission. So, I was forced to pick from the remnants that I have on my sewing shelf. Nothing really gave me the kind of inspiration that I got from the awesome print on the first curtain.

However, some time ago, I recovered a chair in this kind of cute fabric. It really matched well with the walls in the previous art room.

It used to be a very ugly, worn out, stained grey.

So, I took the rest of that fabric, and a little extra reddish, and created my own curtain. It doesn’t match the walls, or the sports theme border (left by previous owner) but it at least matches the chair!!!

It looks decent. For now!

So… there you have it!


Where Were You?


We all know what we are remembering today. I can not even think of a word to describe how sad that day was.

I was teaching preschool in Raleigh, NC. There were no TVs in our center, but we all had radios in our classrooms.  Of course, the radios were playing preschool friendly music, at the time. However, one of the parents from my class came in, and asked if I had heard that a plane had crashed  in New York. With a room full of twelve 3-year-old children, my mind did not really register anything more than a plane crash.

It was not until later when my boss came and said that a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. I said “Yeah, I heard that about a half hour ago when (child) got here.”

He said, “No, a second plane.” That was when I knew something was wrong.

On my lunch break, I went to my sister’s house and watched coverage for about a half hour. I am pretty sure that I cried the entire time. My Dad was scheduled to fly home that day. I called my Mom to make sure he was not in the air. His flight was actually before it happened.

Lots of parents picked their kids up early that day. That made me cry more.

I absolutely can not imagine the fear and sadness that other people felt on that day, or the ones following.

I hope that everyone will continue to remember, year round, what those days were like.  I will.

Day One of the Desk Remodel


Remember I posted about my secretary desk?

Yesterday I decided that it was time to start transforming my desk. Like I said, I still have no idea about the final plan, or where it will live. But, it is time for me to focus on a project. So, here we go.

I came downstairs at the start of Hubs’ basketball game. I told him that I was going to go dig out the desk, and start sanding it. He said that I needed to strip it instead.

Me: “Can we go find some stripper tomorrow?

Hubs: “Sure, it can be our ‘Spending Time Together’ for the weekend.”

Me: “Will you do the dance?”  (I will have to try to get the dance on video, so you can all appreciate it!)

Hubs:  “Sure.”

Me: “Sweet!”

Fast forward to this morning.

We get into the car to head to Lowe’s.   We bought stripper and mineral spirits. We bought a couple of scrapers and brushes too, so I wouldn’t ruin my existing good stuff. And some protection from the fumes. Awesome gloves, mask, and goggles.


Mask and goggles. Ready to start!

So, I moved the desk out to the driveway.


The Before

I removed all of the hardware.

Drawers and hardware removed.

I emptied the drawers. Then I cleaned the hole punch confetti off of the driveway. Hubs killed the spider and eggs living on the bottom of the bottom drawer. I removed the dust and dirt from the desk.

Then, I made my first test of the stripper on one of the tiny little drawers. I figured they could be removed, and just be more shelves if I screwed them up. The stripper worked fine, but it gunks up my scrapers before I can even get them cleaned off.

So, feeling confident with my plan, I applied stripper to all of the small little spaces inside of the desk.

And then:


The rain came down.

So, I practically threw the desk into the garage, at least as much as one girl can throw a piece of furniture. So, I started scraping the inner bits of the shelves. By flashlight, because our garage does not have enough light.

Flashlight Stripping!

After about 20 minutes of this, I could not decide if I was going to vomit, or pass out. So, I gave up and went inside. This is a project meant to be done in open air. My garage is not that!

Day 2 is next!

My Secretary (Desk)


Over a year ago, I was wandering around my Goodwill, and came out with a couple of purchases. I bought an old school TV cart. It came out of a school, I think.  I paid $6.00 for it. I bought a bookshelf. I am not sure where it came from, but it was clearly not a discount store shelf. It is super heavy. I thought Hubs was going to kill himself trying to help me get it upstairs. I paid $5.00 for the shelf. And, to round out my $30.00 shopping spree, I paid $19.00 for a secretary desk.

I had plans to refinish it, and put it in my art room, so I could turn my desk (2 file cabinets and an 8 foot long piece of wood on top) into a painting table.  Then, Hubs and I traded spaces in the house. My art room is no longer the large bonus room. My art room is now the smallest bedroom in the house.  Just for the sake of showing, here is a picture of it.

Art Room

Isn't it super cute?

I love the new space, but there is not one inch of space left to put another piece of furniture. Literally. Every piece of furniture is strategically placed so that the not even my finger can fit between the door and the furniture. It is full! This means that my plans for my (eventually) cute desk got pushed aside. The desk has been sitting in the garage for over a year.

Well, today, things are changing. Of course, it is still sitting in the garage, but in the middle of the floor!


The Before

I started the process today. I have not decided what color it will be, or where it will live, but I have at least started. Stay tuned for more on my experience refinishing my desk!

Because it is Unrealistic


Every few weeks, TV offers what  Hubs refers to as “My Movie Weekends.”  These weekends are full of movies that I love. Action movies. 80s and 90s action movies. Die Hard. Lethal Weapon. The Rock. Passenger 57. The Fugitive.  And even the much more recent, Taken.  I love action packed movies. I am not into guts and body parts being blown off. I prefer the ones that are not 75% CGI. But, give me a hero running around kicking bad guy ass, and I love it!

Then, there is TV. Reality (totally unrealistic) TV rules the air waves these days. We have Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, The Challenge, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Real World, Project Runway, Ninja Warrior,Pawn Stars, Storage Wars… This list really could fill an entire post.
24 was not that kind of TV. I must admit, I resisted Jack for the first 4 seasons. I just refused to watch. All I knew about the show was that it was 24 episodes, shown 24 weeks in a row, with no intention for repeats. How could I ever fit such a show into my schedule? Of course,  now, I have DVR. Back then, I did not even have cable! But, my sister talked me into spending one extra night at home one weekend. Hanging out with her meant catching the season 5 premier. I was instantly hooked. Honestly, on my honeymoon, I watched 24 while Hubs was in a casino!  Hubs has dutifully purchased all 8 seasons, plus the movie, from the year of the writer’s strike.  Once in a while, I watch the whole series.

Jack has saved us from bombs, bio-weapons, nerve gas, and psycho terrorists. Jack has endured torture and agony. Jack has lost his wife, and girlfriends. Jack has just generally kicked ass. And I love it! One of the most memorable, and talked about moments, for our family, was when Jack ripped the cord off of a lamp and tortured a man with it. Jack can do anything.  Plus his cell phone ALWAYS works and ALWAYS has battery life.

Realistic? I doubt it. I really have no idea.  But, I can not get Hubs to watch 24 with me. He won’t watch it, because he says it is unrealistic. This, from the man who watches Star Trek. He recognizes the Klingon language when he hears it. He went to a convention. Unrealistic. I say BOO to your argument, Hubs! Come watch 24 with me!