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Want It Wednesday Step Stool!


I am short. I suppose, not painfully so. On a really good day, with shoes, I am 5’5″. Most days, in my flip-flops, I am a bit closer to 5’4″. I have one step stool in my house, and it gets carried to every room. The obvious answer is to get more stools. Or grow. But, seeing as I was 5’4″ in the 5th grade, I don’t see the growing happening any more. So, as I stand, I can not reach the top shelves anywhere in my house. Enter my dream step stool, available here.

I want this stool in my kitchen!

You remember these? From the library? You could kick it to wherever you need it? But then when you stand on it, it locks down. No movement. I want this stool!  I is going to be on my Christmas list. Feel free to buy it for me! 🙂

Keep Dreaming Friends!