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***No worries. Bob is a cooler.***

This weekend I purchased a replacement cooler.  Our blue cooler, Bob, lost his handle and is generally just awkward to use, except for just sitting on the floor, filling it up, and using it on that spot. I did, however, get a kick-ass deal. I paid $6.25 for a $25 cooler. Yay!

Now, comes the problem. We need to name the new cooler. Yes. We name our coolers. Among our family there are so many coolers and naming them tends to be easier than saying:

“Hey, can you get a drink out of my cooler? It’s the red one. No, the big red one. Not that big. Yeah- the one with wheels. No! The square one!!!”

The naming started years ago when my Dad, never one to pass up something free, picked up a cooler off the side of the road. It was not so big that you needed two people to carry it, but it held more than a 6 pack… which was nice, and not so totally common at the time. Any way… the gentleman that owned the cooler previously had written “RODNEY” on the handle.  I am sure, for some time, that we called that one Rodney’s Cooler. But, eventually, he just became Rodney.

The next cooler to get a name was Bacon. My brother-in-law dressed as Billy Bob, from the movie Varsity Blues,  for Halloween.  In the movie, Billy Bob had a pet pig, named Bacon. My brother-in-law wrote BACON on the side of his cooler and drug it around behind him at the Halloween party.

Then came Deuce. And El Coyote. And Bob. There are plenty more. But, I think you get the idea.

So now, we need to name the new one.

My favorite suggestion so far is Louis. We are waiting on more suggestions before we pick one.