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The Mind of a 7 Year Old


I want to relay to you a conversation I recently had with a 7-year-old in my class.

I will be ME, She will be S.

First, you should know that S had been having a pretty rough afternoon in our class. She was not getting “her way” in anything that she wanted to do. She was being a little bossy, and none of the other girls really seemed to want to play with her. She also refused to follow instructions and repeatedly told me “No” throughout the afternoon.  My final straw was when she was playing while the rest of her class was waiting for her to get quiet so they could line up to go out for recess. I told S that she could sit quietly on the sidewalk for the amount of time that her friends spent waiting for her.

Commence with the temper tantrum. Screaming. Yelling. Crying. Feet stomping. Hitting the table. So, I left her with another class, and told her that when she was finished, she could come do her time on the sidewalk.  She joined us about 5 minutes later.

Since S immediately began talking again, and trying to climb the fence, I told her that I would start her clock  when she chose to sit down and stop talking.

Commence the temper tantrum. Again.

So, this time, I decided have her walk with me around the playground.

Here is our conversation:

Me: Want to tell me what is going on?

S: I am having a really bad day.

Me: I can tell. Did you get enough sleep last night?

S: Yes. But I didn’t want to go to school today, but my Mommy made me.

Me: Why didn’t you want to go to school?

S: School is SOOOOOOOOOO BORING! All they ever let me do is sit in my desk and LISTEN.  There is NEVER anything fun, and it is so boring!!! I hate it. I just want to come here (daycare) every day.

Me: S, don’t you know that it is important for you to learn new things.

S: I am smart enough now. I don’t need to go to school any more.

Me: Do you know how to drive a car?

S: No.

Me: How will you be able to drive a car if you don’t learn how?

S: Why do I need to know how to drive a car? My Mommy drives me where I want to go.

Me: But one day, you might want to have your own car. Because when you have your own house…

S: No, I don’t want my own house. I am going to live with my Mommy forever and ever.

Me: S, maybe when you get a little older, you might want some privacy from your Mommy.

S: No.

Me: What if you want to go on a date?

S: I will never go on a date.

Me: (laughed a little at that one) Why won’t you date?

S: Because once you start dating you have to get married.

Me: Lot’s of people get married S. I am married.

S: Yeah, but once you get married you have to have kids.

Me: Lot’s of people have kids.


And, commence with the tantrum. Again.

I just left her alone after that.  I did relay the conversation to her Mom.

I never did find out why she didn’t want to have babies.

I just love the kids in my class. They say the best things. Though, sometimes, our conversations get so far away from where they started. But, that is the beauty of the mind of a 7-year-old.