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Sticking With the Owl Theme


While my nieces were here for a week, we were burdened with some bad weather, and spent a lot of our time crafting. They went home with a gallery (literally, they created a gallery to tour their parents through) of projects.  Some I did with them, others I just helped them with.

One of the ones I did was this owl. We purchased $3 picture frames, and painted on the glass. We used acrylic paint. We printed drawings that we liked, and taped them to the frame. The hardest part of this project is making sure that you paint things in the right order. Think of it like layers of color, making sure that you paint the outlines and details first, then do the backgrounds and bigger spaces later.

If I had better color walls in my house, I would have left the glass clear, and let the wall be the back drop. However, we have very dull color walls, and my owl looked bad in front of all of them!  So, I painted it blue, and hung my owl in front of my owl fabric on the wall.


So, enjoy. 🙂

If you have questions, I can try to answer them!

Craft on!




New Owls


I have said it before. I do not generally jump all over trendy things. But I just can not let go of these totally cute little owls. I love them! I have them all over my craft room. On the walls, the chair, and in multiple art projects.

Today, I am sharing my (formerly) ugly brass owls.

I got 2 of these guys at a thrift store for 50 cents each!


I cleaned them up with some soap and water, and picked out my pink and turquoise acrylic paints.  I pretty much just got going.  I started with paint strokes, but discovered quickly that a pounce was way better on the brass.



The turquoise looked really good pretty quickly. The pink was just too light for the brass, without some kind of primer, which, I did not have.


So, I mixed some red in, to get a darker pink. In the end, it took 2 coats of turquoise and 4 coats of pink. I did 3 layers of spray acrylic sealer. And put those babies on the shelf!  I love them!!!


Next time, I will remember to take a true “after” picture, without all of the paint paraphernalia in the picture!


Happy Crafting!