Monthly Archives: February 2011

First Truly Rough Day Alone


On Wednesday, I was having a piece of chocolate on the playground at work with a fellow teacher, and felt the most excruciating pain. I broke a tooth, and a corner off of another tooth. Crap!

Of course, I didn’t know what I had done, only that it was hurting. So, yesterday, I went to the dentist, and found out about the damage, both to my teeth, and our wallet. As far as my teeth go, I had to have one tooth removed and the other prepared for a root canal. I was have the root canal and a bridge put in once I am healed.

But telling B how much all of this is going to cost was scary! It’s not like he would tell me no, but we are so tight on money all the time, that thousands of dollars to fix a tooth is just crazy… and that is after the insurance already paid for part of it!

Maybe I am in the wrong field!


So Far, So Good.


I think, at this point, everything is OK. B is in Indiana, and we have talked a couple of times a day. I miss him a lot, but hearing his voice so often makes it a little easier.

Today has been full of mundane chores and grocery shopping. Hopefully, the next couple of weeks will fly by, as I will get to fly out to Indiana to visit for a weekend! Yay!

On another note… I found a small, but positive, piece of joy in B having this job… I can buy whatever I want at the grocery store! Today I bought more chicken than any other meat. I rarely do that, because while I love chicken, B is very tired of it… so there has been much less chicken in the kitchen. But, I also bought orange juice and all of the ingredients to make a big pot of chili! And looking forward to it! 🙂

And the Wolfpack had a game today, and we FINALLY won- 80-55! Yay!

Love you and miss you B.



Well, I have dropped B off in VA. From there, he will go for 2 months of training, then he will actually head to the desert. Boo! Today, I am really too tired to process too much in the way of feelings. I am going to get the remote and catch up on some DVR. Tomorrow, I might start to process something besides just exhaustion.

Getting Ready to Go


So, tomorrow, we hit the road. I am very thankful for my friend Abby, who will be looking after the house and the doggies while we are gone.

Tonight, as everything is getting packed up, I am printing a bunch of pictures for B. It makes me sad to look at them. I am going to have to print out a bunch  to carry around my own album while he is gone! I am not sure I am cute out for this!!!

The Times… They Are Changing


I tried to be faithful about writing, but it seemed like right after I created my the blog, B stopped doing things blog worthy. I also discovered that I was way less comfortable sharing stories about the kids at work, without their parents’ permission… even without any identifying characteristics.

That being said, some changes are coming in our lives. B has taken a contract job that will take him away for a while. Thankfully, my life is loaded with friends and family that will help me cope with him being gone. Several have offered to come stay with me, or put me up, when I feel lonely. Others have offered to move into my guest room.

Anyway, next week starts the training, and the blog is going to shift a bit, and be a way for me to try to share how things are going as we step into this new part of our lives. Hopefully, I will also be able to use it as a way to focus my feelings, and count down until the job is finished. There will be good days, bad days, and some where I am just no where to be found… but I look forward to the challenge of logging this experience. At the very least, it should be a more productive way to spend my energies than his last deployment!