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Discipline, 4 Year Old Style


I walked into the three year old class room at my school, and was greeted by a dozen or so children that were hugging and jumping on me. This is not my class, I was only subbing that day. I think we are all greeted more enthusiastically by classes other than our own. Is that just me?

Anyway… that particular day, I was subbing for another teacher. One of the kids, let’s call her “J” came and asked me to flip her upside down. Being the awesome fun teacher that I am, I obliged. That, of course, started a train of kids wanting to be flipped. It was to be expected.

Enter “K.” This child, I love her. When not covered in snot, she is really cute. Huge eyes, with so much expression. And she is so full of passion. This is a child that loves hard, plays hard, and fights hard.

So, she came running at me, wanting to join in the flipping fun- but she was sticky. Super sticky. She had been eatin waffles and syrup with her hands. I was not touching those hands. So, I told her to wash her hands and face, then come back.

And this was the conversation that followed:

Me: Go wash your hands.

K:   No.

Me:  Then I will not flip you.

K: Yes you will.

Me: No I will not.

K: Fine.

Me: Fine.

K: I don’t like you.

Me: But K, I love you.

K: Well. OK. But you can’t come to my house.

Me: OK.

K:  And you get  NO candy.  And NO chocolate.

Me: OK.


At this point, I had to just walk away- otherwise, I would have just laughed in her face.

As it so happens, I had another run in with K this afternoon:

My boss brought a few 4 year olds out on the playground with my school age kids this afternoon. K was one of them.  She came running full force at me. To keep her from running in to me, I stuck my leg out in front of me, thinking she would slow down. She did not. She kept coming full force- and bounced back away from my leg. In her anger at falling, she picked up a hand full of pine needles, and threw them at me, and told me to shut up.

Again… laughter. I had to walk away. But- she was OK. Just mad. We hugged it out. 🙂


Your Job is What???


For those that do not know, I work in a day care center. My actual position is the After School Kids Teacher. But, for a couple of weeks, I am also the morning 4/K Teacher. My mornings are mostly calm. There are 10 kids in my class, and since actual schooling has not begun, I just try to teach them things that roll with their interests. This week, they were interested in one of my sign language books, so we learned to sign A and B and a couple of words that begin with those letters. I also taught them each the first letter of their own names. By Monday, who knows how much of it they will remember? But, a permanent teacher has been hired for them, and she will start in another week or so. After that, I will not see them too much any more.  😦 Sad.

My After School Kids, however, are a different story all together.  I have about 30 kids on my roll, though my ratio is 23:1, so never more than that.  In the first place, the State of South Carolina seems to think that one teacher versus twenty-three 5-11 year olds is a fair fight!  In the second place, they are absolutely failed to take into account that some of these kids have never been taught manners, compliance, or been disciplined in any way, shape, or form. It makes for some rough days. Add on to that the fact that some of the older ones think they are just too old, or too perfect, to need daycare, and some days, I want to pull my hair out! But, in the end, I do love my job. I love the kids. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Though… it would be cool if we got paid  a little more!!!

So, in the name of your entertainment, I bring to you, my craziest moment of the week. Drum roll please.

On thursday, I had a 6-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy “get married” and then start kissing. After no less than 10 times of pulling these two kids apart from each other, I finally had to send one to another class.

Yep. I should write a book.