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Hanging File Folders on Made It Monday


Like so many other people, I am perpetually on a search for a way to keep my life organized.  When I saw this project at The Silver Lining I thought I could tweak it for myself.

So, I set off to try it myself. Aren’t you lucky!!!??!!  I even took pictures along the way! First, I gathered materials. Well, I gathered everything I thought I would need, and almost every material changed throughout the process!

I used:

5 File Folders

4 pieces of scrapbook paper

White Glue

Hot Glue


Duct tape

A Curtain Ring

I started by cutting the tabs off of the folders. To be perfectly honest, it would be more than OK to leave them on there. I was having a OCD moment, and the staggered tabs were driving me nuts! I did keep the center tab on one folder, for hanging.





I Measured 4 inches down from the cut edge (on the inside of the folder) on each folder. And drew a line.  From that line up is where each folder was glued to the next.



I traced the outline of the tab onto a piece of scrapbook paper, cut it out, and glued it to the top folder.


Now, I began gluing the folders together. Each folder is nested into the one below it. So, the lower half of the back of folder 1 is glued to the upper half of the inside back of the next folder. Once the folders are covered in paper, the nesting is a little easier to see in my pictures!




Once all of the folders were glued together, and dried, I flipped the whole thing over, and added a strip of duct tape at each folder, for some added strength. Let’s be honest, those folders are not going to budge now!!!



Using alternating papers, I then covered the fronts of the folders. Since I removed the tabs, the alternating papers made it obvious where the openings were. This picture shows the nesting a little better!






On the bottom folder, I papered around the bottom for a cleaner look.


I am not sure that I love the purple, but I had it on hand, and I did not want to spend money on this project! I hot glued the ribbon down the sides, folding it over, to close the folders. I folded the ends of the ribbon over and glued them down.




I clipped a drapery ring to the top tab, and hung my folders on a hook.


With the sides closed, you obviously can not put a lot of paper in each folder. This is fine for me. Mine currently holds my jump off lists. My jump off lists are starters. The things that I start every list with. The grocery jump off has about 50 things on it! I have to drive a little ways to get to my commissary. So, I buy about 6 weeks worth of food at one time. We fill in basics and fresh foods at a store closer to us.  I add to the jump off list as I think (or plan for) other things I want.  I have 5 jump off lists, and will share them in a later blog.




What would I change? I would have duct taped the sides before adding the ribbon. When my budget allows for purchasing more craft items, I will probably put a grommet in the top, so I can put the drapery ring back into the curtain bin! However, for now, I already had those!


Happy Crafting!