Thinking About… Books!


It is Thursday. Time to think about my blog. Well, I say that because, I have been working on some projects and ideas for my blog. I have come up with a vague theme for each day, and am going to work hard to stick to it.

So, without further ado, here you go.



I have been thinking about books. Recently, I have been rereading a couple of series.

I have just finished rereading Harry Potter. Before that, I reread my Kitty Series. Kitty is a werewolf, who just finds herself in a bit of trouble. The books are light hearted, with just enough mystery. I just read Finger Lickin’ Fifteen by Janet Evanovitch.  I believe there are currently 18 in the series, but, I am waiting for copies of the rest to resurface at the library.

The rereading her mostly happened because I finished the last book that I had in my pile, and my local library did not have anything that was ringing my bell. So, what I need is some recommendations.

I like easy to read books. I like mysteries, comedies, and some romance. I also like books that have a little bit of the supernatural.

If you have read a book lately that you love, or that you would recommend, please feel free to let share!

Thank you!




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