New Owls


I have said it before. I do not generally jump all over trendy things. But I just can not let go of these totally cute little owls. I love them! I have them all over my craft room. On the walls, the chair, and in multiple art projects.

Today, I am sharing my (formerly) ugly brass owls.

I got 2 of these guys at a thrift store for 50 cents each!


I cleaned them up with some soap and water, and picked out my pink and turquoise acrylic paints.  I pretty much just got going.  I started with paint strokes, but discovered quickly that a pounce was way better on the brass.



The turquoise looked really good pretty quickly. The pink was just too light for the brass, without some kind of primer, which, I did not have.


So, I mixed some red in, to get a darker pink. In the end, it took 2 coats of turquoise and 4 coats of pink. I did 3 layers of spray acrylic sealer. And put those babies on the shelf!  I love them!!!


Next time, I will remember to take a true “after” picture, without all of the paint paraphernalia in the picture!


Happy Crafting!



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  1. Those look great! I have seen that same owl at a shop here but they wanted like $5.99 for it. I passed up because I wasn’t crazy about the brass look…. wish I would have thought of painting it!

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