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When I started this blog, it was supposed to be a way for me to channel all of the stuff in my life while my Husband was preparing for, and then going to, Afghanistan. He did go, but then he got sick, and came home. He was so miserable, and it took a couple of months before he was really healthy again. But, he was home. And, when major, unexpected things change… well, the blog suffered. 

I would love to get back to the habit of blogging, at least, a couple of times a week. In the mean time, I will hunt down the pictures of the desk job. It did finally get finished, and I love it! 

I have tried a couple of new projects that I will share. I will also share some more about our home, and the 3 awesome kids that I have been a nanny for this year. 

So, if you will give me the chance, I would love to give BradyLife another go. 




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