Quick Craft


So, the desk has been put on hold. I need it to cool off a little bit outside before I can finish it. I can’t use the stripper in the garage, because there is not enough ventilation.  It is just too damn hot out there!

So, I turned to working on a corner of the art room.  There is a little alcove that is made by 2 of the shelves. I used to use it to store random stuff. It used to be hidden like this:


Wasn't that fabric super cute???

Well, I could not bring myself to cut that fabric for fear of messing it up with amateur sewing. So, it stayed a curtain, until my little sis suggested that I let my big sis use it in her daughter’s room. I must admit, my immediate reaction was complete horror. Give up my prized fabric? Let someone CUT my prized fabric???? Then I remembered, I am just about the coolest aunt in the world!!!!!   🙂 So, I had to give it up.

So, the stuff behind the curtain just became an eye sore.

I have recently had to add some stuff to the art room that ordinarily would not be there. So, that corner because more strategic storage, than leftover homeless things.  It looks like this now.

There is a lot of stuff squeezed into that corner!

Hubs and I went to the fabric store to try to find something cheap and cute. No joy. We failed on that mission. So, I was forced to pick from the remnants that I have on my sewing shelf. Nothing really gave me the kind of inspiration that I got from the awesome print on the first curtain.

However, some time ago, I recovered a chair in this kind of cute fabric. It really matched well with the walls in the previous art room.

It used to be a very ugly, worn out, stained grey.

So, I took the rest of that fabric, and a little extra reddish, and created my own curtain. It doesn’t match the walls, or the sports theme border (left by previous owner) but it at least matches the chair!!!

It looks decent. For now!

So… there you have it!


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