Because it is Unrealistic


Every few weeks, TV offers what  Hubs refers to as “My Movie Weekends.”  These weekends are full of movies that I love. Action movies. 80s and 90s action movies. Die Hard. Lethal Weapon. The Rock. Passenger 57. The Fugitive.  And even the much more recent, Taken.  I love action packed movies. I am not into guts and body parts being blown off. I prefer the ones that are not 75% CGI. But, give me a hero running around kicking bad guy ass, and I love it!

Then, there is TV. Reality (totally unrealistic) TV rules the air waves these days. We have Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, The Challenge, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Real World, Project Runway, Ninja Warrior,Pawn Stars, Storage Wars… This list really could fill an entire post.
24 was not that kind of TV. I must admit, I resisted Jack for the first 4 seasons. I just refused to watch. All I knew about the show was that it was 24 episodes, shown 24 weeks in a row, with no intention for repeats. How could I ever fit such a show into my schedule? Of course,  now, I have DVR. Back then, I did not even have cable! But, my sister talked me into spending one extra night at home one weekend. Hanging out with her meant catching the season 5 premier. I was instantly hooked. Honestly, on my honeymoon, I watched 24 while Hubs was in a casino!  Hubs has dutifully purchased all 8 seasons, plus the movie, from the year of the writer’s strike.  Once in a while, I watch the whole series.

Jack has saved us from bombs, bio-weapons, nerve gas, and psycho terrorists. Jack has endured torture and agony. Jack has lost his wife, and girlfriends. Jack has just generally kicked ass. And I love it! One of the most memorable, and talked about moments, for our family, was when Jack ripped the cord off of a lamp and tortured a man with it. Jack can do anything.  Plus his cell phone ALWAYS works and ALWAYS has battery life.

Realistic? I doubt it. I really have no idea.  But, I can not get Hubs to watch 24 with me. He won’t watch it, because he says it is unrealistic. This, from the man who watches Star Trek. He recognizes the Klingon language when he hears it. He went to a convention. Unrealistic. I say BOO to your argument, Hubs! Come watch 24 with me!


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