101 Things…


Way back when I first began using  Facebook, it seemed like just about everyone wrote the “25 Things About Me” note.  Not wanting to be the only person failing to complete it, I sat down to think of 25 things people might find interesting about me.

Earlier today, my friend Patricia posted an entry on her blog with 101 things about her. As I read through them, I saw more than a few things that also described me. Which might explain why we get along. However, I can’t imagine how long it would take me to come up with 101 things other people might find interesting, or if I am even that interesting at all!  But, I am going to give it a try. Mostly, because I am at a point in my life where remembering some forgotten things about myself might just prove useful! I am sure there will be some repeats from the original list. If that offends you, I am sorry.

So, with no further ado… Here they are.

1.  I am ADHD. I was diagnosed when I was 21. I am not proud of the steps my life took to get me to that point. But I am thankful that those steps let me to a solution that helped me.

2. I wish Bill would have stayed in the Air Force for another couple of years. Part of it is because I feel like I didn’t get the whole experience of being a Military Wife. Mostly, it is because I miss the security we had.

3. As a child, I HATED squash. As an adult, it is one of my favorite vegetables, second only to broccoli.

4.I have 2 dogs. We are pretty sure that one has special needs. After 5 years, and many people attempting to teach him, he still has not learned to shake. But, we love him just the same!

5. I was a National Champion in college. NJCAA Field Hockey champions 1995.

6. My husband says I am the Captain of the Grammar Police. I beg to differ. I know people who are way more grammar police than me. However, I do find it next to impossible to correct people when they say, or spell, something wrong. It might be an obsession.

7. As obsessive as I am about other people using words correctly, I love made up words, or spell check disasters that get put into every day conversation. My newest favorite is “exacklywhat” as misspelled by my friend Rhonda during a recent chat. I also love beautimus, ginormous, and jiggleator.

8. Of course, there are tons of words that I can not stand… especially when they are just mispronounced. Some of them are: acrost, elexecute, chimley or chimbley, and irregardless.  (I know, technically irregardless is a word, but only because people have been using it incorrectly for so long, that the powers that be just gave up and accepted it.)

9. I am a bit OCD. Sometimes I wish that included the compulsion to clean. Instead, mine is a compulsion for symmetry.  One of my biggest needs in this arena is for my pot rack to hang straight. And my husband can not seem to grasp that there IS a RIGHT way to hang the pots!!!!

10. I sleep best when my room is cold and I am under a couple of blankets. But, I must have at least one foot sticking out from under the covers. Unfortunately, my husband is very cold-natured, so we have thermostat wars at night.

11. I am tone-deaf. Enough said.

12. I recently left my job. I cried a whole lot. My job made me cry. But, the decision to leave made me cry even more. I have made some truly wonderful friends there, and I love so many of the kids that I left behind.

13. I cry when I am stressed out. It is the personality trait that I like least about myself.

14.  I can not stand Wal-Mart. In the first place, I think most of the stuff there is crap. Second, knowing that it is crap, I can’t seem to STOP spending money there.

15. I want to win a shopping spree at sears. I  always find something I want when I am there!

16. I rarely spend more than $20 on any shoes, besides sneakers. I have no desire to keep a pair of shoes longer than a $20 pair lasts. But, for some strange reason, I will keep a pair of sneakers until they are falling apart before I replace them!

17. I will spend $100 on office supplies without batting an eyelash, but I feel guilty spending half that when I need new underwear.

18. McDonald’s french fries are my favorite.

19.  I am absolutely ready to move to NC and build our house. Unfortunately, or wallet is not!

20. I do not have a favorite color. I suppose that I can attribute that to being ADHD. My color preference changes with my mood, and there is no single color that makes me feel better than any other color.

21. I was born and raised on NC State sports. Go Pack! Having endured YEARS of poor performing teams, I feel as though I have earned a right to look down my nose at people who are not as loyal to their teams as I am. I can not stand to hear a person say that they are  a fan of one school for football, and another for basketball, and another for baseball. Those people follow whoever is winning that year, instead of being a fan of any one school. I know that this mentality makes me come off as obnoxious.  I am OK with that.

22. We finally, recently, got our Wii connected to the internet.  We downloaded Super Mario Brothers 3. I am not as good at it as I was the original.

23. I love to watch Ninja Warrior.

24. Now that we have DVR, watching commercials annoys me. I have been known to read for 15 minutes, just to get far enough into a show that I can fast forward through the commercials.

25. Speaking of commercials, I wonder when they started showing commercials before the previews during movies.

26. Speaking of movies, I think that children who can not sit still and quiet through a 2 hour movie should be removed from the theater, even if management has to do it. I know that parents want to see movies too, but I pay to see a movie, not to listen to kids yelling and crying, or watch them run around.

27. I love my mini van. Even exploring a mini van started as a joke, but the fold in floor seats have sold me forever on the van. When the seats are down, I have a flat floor in which to haul things. When the seats are up, I have TONS of storage space under the car! I love it!

28. I miss Jack Bauer.

29. I prefer to wear socks that no one can see.

30. I want to go to Ireland and Germany. For now, I have to just be happy with gifts that other people have brought me from those places.

31. I refuse to pick between Twilight and Harry Potter. I love them both.

32. I watched Deathly Hallows Part 2 twice in 4 days… and would go again.

33. I have no problem going to a movie by myself.

34. I do have a problem going to a sit down restaurant by myself.

35. I have a craft room in my house. I am ready for the cooler weather so it will be comfortable in there again.

36. I can not stand cleaning the bathroom.

37. I miss my friends from high school.

38. I miss my friends from college.

39. I miss my friends from camp.

40. I went to the same summer camp for my entire childhood. 1982 – 1992. Then I was a counselor for 4 years.

41. I sing the cabin, club, and campfire songs from my camp when I am in the car by myself.

42. I have been trying to learn to sew. I suck at it. It doesn’t stop me from cranking out weird little creature pillows.

42. I want all of the furniture in our living room to coordinate with each other. I am not sure it will ever happen!

43. I used to collect oil lamps. Now, I am tired of them. I think it is because I have so many that look alike.

44. I suffer (and I mean this in the most literal sense of the word) from insanely sensitive skin. The slightest little thing can make my skin itch. If I can not stop it immediately, the itching progresses to pain. I do not know how to explain the pain so that anyone else can understand it. I think most people believe I am making it up. I am not.

45.  I am crazy klutzy.

46. I am learning to like pink.

47. This year my Christmas decorations stayed up until July. I left them up because my husband was not home, and I was afraid my house would be too depressing without all of that beautiful light and color.

48. We have 2 baby gates in each of the windows in our living room to prevent the dogs from being able to look out of the windows.

49. At one time, our sliding glass doors were covered in contact paper.

50. We do these things to try to stop our dogs from barking. We have a horribly crotchety old neighbor who calls the cops whenever our dogs bark. He even calls them when OTHER dogs bark. We hate limiting our dogs, but it is better than having the police on our porch several times a week!

51. I miss my family. I wish I could see them way more often!

52. Our coolers all have names. This all started with a cooler that my Dad picked up on the side of the road that had the name “Rodney” on the handle.

53. I have never had a car title in my name.

54. I do not like hearts. As jewelry or any other decoration, outside of valentines day, I find them to be horribly tacky.

55. I trust my sisters when they tell me that a movie would scare me.

56. I have a scalp massager. I love it!

57. When I need a good laugh, I go to DYAC to read people’s text fails.

58. I am a horrible sales person.

59. I want to return to school for a bachelor’s degree, but I have no idea what to pursue.

60. I used to have my own horse. While I can’t have him back, I do hope to, one day, have horses again.

61. I SUCK at basketball.

62. Big Brother is my summer guilty pleasure TV show.

63. I love when Bill and I go to an arcade and play Ski Ball and then give the tickets to a child who is trying desperately to win something. The gratitude from the parents is just a bonus!

64. I rescued my Mom’s high school portrait from her trash pile. I love it! It is the first thing I see when I walk into the craft room.

65. My parents were tobacco farmers. When I was a kids I wanted to be a farmer too. As an adult? I don’t even care to weed the flower beds. I obviously would not have made a great farmer!

66. I hate the way our spices are stored. I have been looking for spice storage ideas on and off, on the internet, for three days.

67. After several evenings, my husband and I have finally finished watching Lord of the Rings, in its entirety. I feel nearly as lost now as I did when we started.

68. If you ask me for something that I know is in my junk drawer, I can tell you exactly where it is in the drawer. I have been told that this ability means that it is not actually a junk drawer.

69. I sold a drafting table at a yard sale when we were planning to move. We didn’t move. I want my table back!

70. I ordered flowers off of the internet for my wedding. Each of my bride’s maids made their own bouquet. The flower girls picked the flowers for theirs, and the mom’s bouquets. The rest of the flowers were turned into arrangements leading to the beach.

71. Why yes… I did get married on the beach.

72. In my bare feet.

73. In a big poofy dress.

74. I wish we had a boat. Or, at least, a jet ski.

75. I want to go back to Vegas.

76. I love slot machines, though, I rarely win.

77. I am terrified when I have to get into a taxi.

78.  I am more terrified when I have to get on a plane.

79. I do know that these feelings of terror are based in the fact that these are two situations where I have absolutely no control. I need to be in control.

80. I went to boarding school.

81. I still talk to, and see, 3 friends from there on a regular basis. There are a few more that I wish I could see on a regular basis.

82. I think it would be cool to own a bed and breakfast. Of course, I can not cook, and I hate to clean bathrooms. I am not sure it could work!

83. I have no tattoos. I have accompanied 4 friends to get theirs. Each time, I was reminded why I did not want one.

84. On a regular basis, the only jewelry I wear is my wedding and engagement rings.

85. If I could get away with it, I would wear flip-flops 24/7.

86. I love a zipper hoodie. A pullover hoodie makes me feel like I am being strangled.

87. I love 80s music.

89. I want to take shag lessons.

90. I was in a car wreck that took away 11 hours of my memory of that particular day.

91. I snort when I laugh.

92. Even though I do not care for gold-colored things, I have gold curtains hanging in my living room. They are there because I paid less $4.00 a piece for them at a huge clearance sale at Sears.

93. I told my husband on the day that we met that I would be right 95% of the time. I still think I am.

94. I do not typically follow trends… but I am loving the current owl trend… but the cute ones, not the creepy barn owls.

95. I do not wear perfume, I can not find one that does not irritate my skin.

96. There is no headboard on my bed. I want one.

97. I have never been on a cruise.

98. I do have a passport.

99. It has never been stamped.

100. I took piano lessons in the 3rd grade, and wish my Parents would have made me continue.

101. If I could, I would go to the beach every day. I find it to be incredibly peaceful, even when there are hundreds of people around.

So, there you have it.


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  1. First, I LOVE the design of this blog page!!! Second, this list is fantastic!!! I think you need to add “restfuller” to #7 though. I especially loved the one about your coolers’ having names, because our nickname for my dad is Rodney!

    • It took me a long time to pick a template, but I love the colors on this page. And, the hand made, casual, throw together look of it is way more suited to my personal artistic flair!

  2. We have a lot in common although my heart necklace must annoy you. 😉 J/K I especially love that you also have a problem with the word “irregardless.” Two negatives make a positive so irregardless means: it DOES matter!

    • E- it does not annoy me. Promise. While I do not like them, I do recognize that they are special to most people. I just don’t care for them. 🙂

      But words… now, they irritate me!!

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