Discipline, 4 Year Old Style


I walked into the three year old class room at my school, and was greeted by a dozen or so children that were hugging and jumping on me. This is not my class, I was only subbing that day. I think we are all greeted more enthusiastically by classes other than our own. Is that just me?

Anyway… that particular day, I was subbing for another teacher. One of the kids, let’s call her “J” came and asked me to flip her upside down. Being the awesome fun teacher that I am, I obliged. That, of course, started a train of kids wanting to be flipped. It was to be expected.

Enter “K.” This child, I love her. When not covered in snot, she is really cute. Huge eyes, with so much expression. And she is so full of passion. This is a child that loves hard, plays hard, and fights hard.

So, she came running at me, wanting to join in the flipping fun- but she was sticky. Super sticky. She had been eatin waffles and syrup with her hands. I was not touching those hands. So, I told her to wash her hands and face, then come back.

And this was the conversation that followed:

Me: Go wash your hands.

K:   No.

Me:  Then I will not flip you.

K: Yes you will.

Me: No I will not.

K: Fine.

Me: Fine.

K: I don’t like you.

Me: But K, I love you.

K: Well. OK. But you can’t come to my house.

Me: OK.

K:  And you get  NO candy.  And NO chocolate.

Me: OK.


At this point, I had to just walk away- otherwise, I would have just laughed in her face.

As it so happens, I had another run in with K this afternoon:

My boss brought a few 4 year olds out on the playground with my school age kids this afternoon. K was one of them.  She came running full force at me. To keep her from running in to me, I stuck my leg out in front of me, thinking she would slow down. She did not. She kept coming full force- and bounced back away from my leg. In her anger at falling, she picked up a hand full of pine needles, and threw them at me, and told me to shut up.

Again… laughter. I had to walk away. But- she was OK. Just mad. We hugged it out. 🙂


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  1. omg this is hysterical. Obviously NO CHEESE is a viable punishment at her house. I guess technically it would be in my house too. Maybe BWR should try that! LMAO

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