Grammar Police Moment


OK. I fully understand that, regionally, people pronounce things differently. That, of course, does not change my feeling that these other people are saying things wrong. But I think that is mostly my own need to be right. Which is, really, a whole other subject.

What I do not understand is how, regardless of how you pronounce a word, a person reaches adulthood without learning how to spell relatively common words. Or, how they learn to use a computer, and post ads or other things on the internet without learning how to use the spell check button.

The word that has rung my bell this time is EQUITMENT. Now, I do recognize that this could have been  just a simple typo. Maybe.  But I doubt it. Mostly, because the T and the P are reached with two different hands when typing. Never mind that in the Charleston SC Craigslist I have found 3 ads from, presumably, 3 different people (since they are listed as 3 different towns / neighborhoods) that have the word EQUITMENT in the title.

So, to make sure that I was not being 100% irrational, I searched the internet for the word EQUITMENT.

I searched with Google and Yahoo, who both asked if I, of course, meant EQUIPMENT. But showed me a couple of results to EQUITMENT. Both included a link to Urban Dictionary, which defines EQUITMENT as:

“Generally referring to computers,monitors,fax machines and other office items that are always breaking  down and are unreliable.”I also searched Lycos which just seemed to assume that I wanted to search EQUIPMENT.

So… since I was obviously intrigued (or irritated) by this headline, I clicked on the post, and here is the listing. The only changes I have made are to emphasize the words that jumped out at me.


yard equitment (summerville )

Date: 2010-09-09, 11:43PM EDT
wanted backback blower perferably a sthill or echo and commercial grade but manly just a good bloweing blower and hedge trimmer dont care what it is but let me know what u got and a price


With the exception of sthill, which is the misspelling of a brand name (Sthil- chainsaws, trimmers, etc.) the rest of these words should have, at least, been caught by the spell checker, if not a middle school education. I know that I am more picky about this than most people. I am also a little scared that there are more people who do not know how to spell every day!


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  1. Perferably?? I think the correct spelling is preferably! I’m totally with you on this one. Not only do they make themselves look stupid, but some people are having a laugh fest at their stupidity. Myself included! 🙂

  2. Wait – you have issues with pronunciation? Dare I suggest Gawd *$%^ cheekin #$(*#^ ??? 😉

    Just teasing! That’s called a dialect. I will whole heartedly admit that I pronounce things incorrectly, especially words that I read but have never heard spoken aloud. You don’t even want to know how I pronounced Hermione before the movies came out. heh heh.

    Still, it saddens me to see errors that are due to people being either ignorant or just plain sloppy. “Equitment” as a joke is hilarious; as a misspelling it is sad.

    • I saw an ad on CL this week where a woman was looking to “keep” kids in her house. Her ad was full of things like “I will do (whatever) wit you kids” and the word mines was in there twice.

      No, I would actually consider paying this woman to stay away from my kids, rather than be their roll model.

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