I only cost $10?


So, in the spirit of sharing some of the stuff that Hubs puts me through, here goes:

On Saturday, we spent more time finishing cleaning out the garage. I must say that I am so proud of Hubs. He took out (upstairs) all of the boxes in the garage that were filled with random Hubs stuff. This could be anything from computer parts to pencils to Military memorabilia  to stuffed animals to 10 year old scraps of paper and everything in between. I have been after him to empty those boxes for some time. He did not empty most of them, but he put them in his own space.

Now, as he was going through some clothing to sell at our yard sale, he came across a jacket that did not sell at the last yard sale, but was still priced at $10.  He took that little sticker and put it on my back. I asked him if he was wiping something off or putting something on. He replied: “I took care of it.” I absolutely should not have let him leave it at that. Because later in the day I went to get lawn mower gas and to go to the grocery store- all still while I was priced for $10. Now, this story would probably be funnier if someone had handed me a $10 bill… but they did not. Maybe I was priced too high?

Later, Hubs pulled that sticker off , and he just about fell down he was laughing so hard.  He needs help.


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  1. It amazes me how funny he thinks he is sometimes!! It would have been hilarious if someone would have offered you $10.00! You were clearly a bargain!! 🙂

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