Air Band!!!


Do you ever rock out on your air guitar? We do.  But, that is not the point.

On our very long ride home from Michigan, I reached the point where everything that came out of my mouth was practically gibberish. I was suffering from an insane lack of sleep, a very emotional week, and probably a bit hungry. When, on the radio, comes Freebird.  I, of course, decided that this classic bit of guitar play now sounded like it was being played on the auto harp instead of the guitar. You remember the auto harp right? I know, for me, it was a staple on elementary school music classes. Perhaps I am dating myself here.  But- I digress.

The auto harp declaration led to more silliness.  As I played the air auto harp to Freebird, I noticed B holding up his hand in a fist. I asked him what he was doing… to which he replied: “Air Lighter.” I just about peed in my pants.

When I reach that point of silly, B is usually just annoyed with me, and starts talking about me needing to take a Ritalin.  So, when he was doing the air lighter I was absolutely delighted!!

Of course, the time did come where he reached annoyed. But, that is not entertaining at all!!

This all reminds me of the day that my family did a great air band while tailgating at family football.  We had 2 air guitars, air drums, air keyboards, and the air tambourine.

Yeah. We rock!


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